Commercial Office Space

Too often, commercial office space appears dreary, industrial or dated, failing to project the type of image you would like for your business.

Executive Office Space

There really is no substitute for a good impression and your choice of executive office space will go a long way towards creating that impression. If you have been searching for executive office space, your wait is over. Welcome to Waterford Executive Centre.

Unfurnished Office Space

Are you searching for an unfurnished office space that still offers a turnkey solution to all your professional needs? The office suites at Waterford Executive Centre offer unfurnished office space like none other.

Furnished Office Space

You have a business to run and no time to furnish an office space. Waterford Executive Centre will take that problem off your hands. We offer furnished office space, in the very heart of Bonita Springs, which will suit even those with the most demanding tastes.


Tastefully Decorated Office Space

First impressions are important and nothing makes a better impression than tastefully decorated office space. But, though you may know all about growing your business, you might have a black thumb when it comes to interior design.

Turnkey Office Space

Are you looking for office space where you can pull up, unpack your files and be ready to work immediately, with no profit-cutting down time? At Waterford Executive Centre, in the heart of Bonita Springs, thanks to our turnkey office space, you will be up and running in no time.

Office Space with Latest Technology

A distinguished address means nothing if you haven’t the latest in office space technology. Expensive furnishings can’t make up for slow communications and unless you can get your clients what they need immediately, they will take their business elsewhere. Waterford Executive Centre combines the very best of both office space and technology in one turnkey package.

Office Space with Secretary

Good office space with room for a secretary is hard to find in Southwest Florida. Your secretary or administrative assistant works hard for you and is an integral part of your success and that’s why comfortable office space for that secretary is high on your list of priorities.

Office Space with Balcony View

Could you ever have imagined you would someday have an office with a balcony view? Well, that day has arrived here at Waterford Executive Centre.

Office Space with Catering

Are you searching for office space with catering? For those early morning meetings, nothing keeps everyone focused like coffee and Danish; working through lunch is no problem when lunch is provided; and who wouldn’t rather attend a seminar where wine and cheese are served? But to make any of those scenarios a reality, you need office space with catering and Waterford Executive Centre offers just that.

Office Spaces with Large Kitchen

Are you searching for an office space with a large kitchen? You realize that way too much time is wasted on coffee runs, going out to lunch and meeting clients in a restaurant to accommodate meal times. We have solved that time-wasting problem at Waterford Executive Centre. We offer 20 all-perimeter office spaces with large kitchen access.

Office Space with Receptionist

Good help is hard to find and a competent receptionist for your office space in no exception. Since the receptionist for your office space is the person who gives the first impression prospective clients get of your business, the selection of that person is an important choice.

Satellite Office Space

Are you searching for satellite office space? Perhaps your main office is in Tampa or the East Coast or maybe even Chicago and, as a snowbird, you are interested in keeping up with your business while you spent the winter months in Southwest Florida. Satellite office space is the answer.

Dual Office Space

You need dual office space. You know you can’t do everything for yourself and have learned to delegate, but where can you find commercial space that gives you the office you need with a separate office for that person you can’t do without—your administrative assistant? Here at Waterford Executive Centre, we have dual office space waiting for you.