Rental of Boardrooms in Bonita Springs

Rental of Boardrooms

If you need to rent a boardroom for a big presentation or important meeting, Waterford Executive Centre can help. We can arrange the rental of boardrooms, as we have four available for use by our tenants and outside renters.

Selection of meeting rooms

Our corporate boardroom boasts an 18-foot-high cupola from which is suspended a magnificent chandelier. The room features a flat screen TV and a table with seating for 14. Our trio of smaller conference rooms is ideal for more intimate meetings.

All our boardrooms come with use of our designer kitchen (granite countertops, raided panel cabinets and stainless steel appliances), perfect for serving coffee and Danish for a breakfast meeting or wine and cheese for a seminar. Full catering service is also available.

Cutting edge technology

Cutting edge technology is important here at Waterford Executive Centre and we offer fiber optic internet and Wi-Fi throughout the building, as well as complete teleconferencing and webinar capabilities and cable TV. A color printer/fax/scanner is on hand for your document reproduction needs and our tenants also enjoy use of a unified digital communications system (consolidating voice, email and fax—all with remote access for those who wish to work off-site).

Turnkey office suites

Our 20 perimeter-only office suites are all professionally decorated and feature workstations outside the main executive office for use by your administrative assistant. All are appointed with mahogany furniture, leather seating, lush carpeting and high-end window treatments and have been extensively soundproofed to keep all conversations held within private.

Convenient location

Whether you are a tenant or a professional availing themselves of our boardrooms, you will appreciate our location, in the heart of Bonita Springs, with easy access to I-75 and US 41. As you enter our beautiful two-story building, you will also enjoy the welcoming lobby, the staffed reception area and the artwork lining the halls—framed photographs of Ireland, the ancestral home of the developers, attorneys Richard and Kevin Lyons, who also have their office in the centre.

First impressions are important and when you need to make a good one, look no further than Waterford Executive Centre, built by professionals by professionals.